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We have found HAPPINESS ACADEMY together with my wife Dagmar. Our life story is quite trivial as many other live stories. After finishing University we were captured with business and career opportunity. As almost all young people we wanted to conquer the world and show others we can make it better. Success was our main goal. And we did it. We had all we could imagine and wish for: great career, successful business, lots of money, nice family, kids, big house, big cars, travelling around the world......We thought we had it all!. But after about 10 years rushing around to make more we realized even we had all we were empty inside. Everything truned around and we also experienced the shadow sides of life. We had to start from the beginning. There was no fulfilment, no real happiness. So instead of success and money we decided to look for happiness. We started to study again. We have read hundreds of books, articles, we searched internet, went to tens of seminars, presentations. We gathered lots of information and we started to sort it out. Suddenly the new path of our life started to show up. And it became clearer and clearer. We realised finally we understood happiness, what happy life was all about.

Today we are happy. We have all we need, we do not miss anything. Our life has become clearer, more beautiful and we realised that happiness is here for everybody. Everybody can find his/her way towards happy life. And we knew we had to share it with other people. That was the reason we founded HAPPINESS ACADEMY. We got lots of inspiration from Gross National Happiness Center in Bhutan and other visionary people and our own experience.

Today we teach people how they can find their way to happiness and live happy life. And we would love to teach you as well. If you understand that HAPPINESS is your most important value in life, join us. Apply for HAPPINESS ACADEMY today and we will be more than happy to be your guides on your way to happiness.

HAPPINESS ACADEMY will provide you with teachings, tools and advices. After you go through all 12 seminars, your life will change. You will discover your happiness and will live happy life and make also everybody around you happy.