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You will receive 12 video seminars that you can study in your most convenient time and place. Seminars will teach you how to establish happiness in your life. You will also receive FREE special e-book with each seminar, so you can study even when you are not at you PC. Seminars will lead you through 12 most important aspects of your life like: know yourself, know your strengths and natural talents, choose the right career for your life, have the right visions, establish happy relationships with your partner etc. These 12 life aspects will create life harmony, give you fulfillment and help you to grow – three main pillars of happiness. Your life will finally have perfect sense for you. Happiness is the top life value. As Dalai Lama said: “The most important sense of your life is to be happy and useful and beneficial”. You will change your lifestyle for happiness and you will share it with others. Be happy with us, with many other HAPPINESS ACADEMY students from all over the world


This webinar is your first step towards your happiness.

Knowing yourself is the basis for happy life. You cannot know what makes you happy if you do not know yourself. This webinar will help you uncover your natural talents, that you must explore in your life. Thus you will become Genius in your life. You will know what type of person you are, what kind of personality you are.

You will learn how to use your talents in your life. What career is enjoyable for you? Who is the right partner for your life? What kind of lifestyle is the best for you? Are you rather family type of person or do you prefer adventure? Do you prefer to come up with new ideas or do you like to realize them better? Do you like beginnings more then endings? What kind of partners are the best for you? What kind of environment at home and at work is the best for you? What can you successful at? What could be your successful business? How can you reach happiness?

All this and many more other things you will learn from this webinar. You will get lots of new information how to use it in your everyday life. But this webinar is just a beginning. You will explore more details in the other webinars. If you use your talents, you will live in natural way and everything you do will bring you happiness and fulfillment. Follow yourself. Do not let others to change you. Only you may know what is best for you. Start your journey to your happiness with this webinar. In next webinars you will learn more about each aspect of your life.


Your truly YOURSELF, that you discovered in the first webinar, determines your mission in life. Your natural talents are the tools that help you accomplish your mission. Your tools tell you what you can achieve easily and what not. Choose the way you have natural talents for. On this way you will become Genius. This way will give you fulfillment, joy and happiness. You will discover your true mission in this webinar.

Your way of life determines all your life, also your career. Your career must be something you have your natural talents-tools for. Do not let others to set your career for you. Choose career that fits to your talents. Only thus you can explore your talents. That is the only way how to fully explore your potential and be the best at what you do, be successful and happy at the same time. Do make difference between career and your life. Your career must be your life. Your career must be part of your happiness.

This webinar will show your way of life. The best way for you. It will show you what career you should choose. Only this way leads to your life goal – happiness. Therefore do only what fits to your mission because your mission is to achieve happiness. You will never achieve your goal when you walk on somebody else’s way.


Every mission must have a goal. Reaching that goal brings fulfillment which is one of three happiness pillars. Your mission was discovered in the previous webinar. Now you will learn how to set a goal for your mission. You must have mission, but you also should have milestones on your way to the goal. Reaching each milestone moves you closer to your goal. Reaching next milestone also gives you information that you are still on your way and that you did not loose your direction.

And what is your goal? You will know it after you go through this webinar. You will learn how to set a goal, your vision, how to use your talents and tools to achieve your vision. All bit events always started with big vision. Also your success will start with your vision.


Relationships are key element of your life. Our society is going through deep relationship crises. We know, that “it takes two to tango” J. Therefore happy relationship is very important for you. According to social research, so called “singles” are the least happy people. To be alone in life is very difficult, there is big uncertainty and it all cumulates fear. Fear brings stress and depression. People sooner or later get sick and tired.

Your partner must fit to your life mission that you set in your during your second webinar. Your goal in relationship is to create from two persons ONE. Instead of ME, you are now WE. You have common mission and common vision. And together you will make it.

What partner is the best for your mission? How do you recognize him/her? How you set the relationship with him/her? All that you will know after this webinar.


Family is your base for happiness. It is very strong power that will always supports you in situations when something goes wrong. In case family does not work, you loose this strong and powerful support. Unfortunately people tend to do things on their own and do not use family support. But this way is much harder and also more expensive. You loose your energy and also money. Those who have good family will agree with me, how helpful it is when you can have granny to stay with kids when you need to travel, when you have parents who help you build your home etc. Those things may seem to be small, but believe me, they are not. If you have family you can always rely on, you life is much easier.

Those, who are lucky and have good family, they love to remember nice experiences they had with family, when they were kids and even now when they have their own life. Only such memories fill you with positive energy and give power to move on. It is supporting energy.

Family is very strong source of energy that you should you should use for your mission. In this webinar I will teach you how to build strong family that will help you on your mission. The same way you will help your children in the future on their mission. The stronger the family is, the easier it is to achieve your goals. Just look around the world and you will see how some big family “clans” rule the world. Those families are usually old more then hundred years, some goes back several centuries. Take British royal family for instance. Or at least you will remember Don Corleone’s family, right? J

I will teach you how to build such a strong family in this webinar. How to build it and keep strong and good mutual relationship among all members. How to use the power of the whole energy, but also from all its members individually.


Your life and your mission have originated in your past, in your roots. It is very important to know your roots, where you come from and what kind of energy you can get from your roots. You are like a tree. The stronger the roots are the stronger the tree is and the richer fruit it gives. So look back before you go ahead. Find out what you can extend and build your future on. You should not invent what has already been invented.

In this webinar I will teach you how to use what has already been made and how to use it for your own future. The power of the past is very strong. You can use in form of traditions, teachings, old wisdoms, mentors, teachers, Masters etc. Do not start from zero. It is too difficult and senseless.


Home is not a place where you must stay, but place where you always can return. It must be safe landing port for you. It must give you the power and energy to take off each time you must go on with your life mission, to achieve your goals.

Home is very important for strong families. All strong dynasties make sure, they have the right headquarters. Without home you cannot build strong family and you cannot be happy. It is key element in your life.

In this webinar I will teach you how to build strong home for you and your family. Your home must be in accordance with your mission and goals. You cannot live in down town, when your mission is to harvest corn etc. Your home must also support your relation with your partner and family. As people used to say: “My home, my castle.” I will teach you to build such a castle for you and your family.


To be happy your life must be rich and wealthy. It must be colorful and diverse. When I say rich, it does not necessarily mean money. How rich and how healthy you will be is determined only by yourself. Nobody else will make you rich. But remember, that not everything will make you happy. On the contrary: too much possession takes lots of energy from us and makes life more difficult. Therefore it is very important that you determine your wealth according to your talents and natural Genius. If it is too much, it will destroy you. If it is not enough, you will not be fulfilled. I will teach you what will be the right wealth for you so it brings happiness into your life. I will teach you what will give you more energy and what might take energy away from you. After finishing this webinar you will know exactly what kind of wealth will make you happy.


Health is necessary condition for happiness. If you have health problems, your happiness is weaker or you might lose it completely. I will teach you how to take care of your health, so you can avoid illness. You will learn from me several simple principles of prevention from illness. If you follow these principles you will be able to stay healthy in terms of your body, mind and spirit. You should be able to stay away from pharmaceuticals that destroy your healthy life.


As your happiness depends on your past and your roots, it also depends on your future. Your happiness must know your future. The future brings new things, people and activities into your life. Also your children are your future. As parents are the past for their kids, kids are future for their parents.

In this webinar I will teach you what new things, people and activities you should invite into your life and which ones not. I will teach you to choose the right things that bring you joy into your life. I will also teach you how to say NO to everything, that takes energy from you. You have to understand that each new thing in your life must be taken care of by you. So it always takes some energy from you. And if it does not give you joy and more energy at the same time, so why to get such things in your life? It makes no sense. So you always must measure whether there is more joy than care. Your future is built in steps. Each step must lead towards your happiness.


You should not do anything on your own. It is very exhausting and difficult. It takes too much energy from you. When you are alone, you most probably will not reach your goal. Therefore I will teach you how to get help and how to use it for your mission. You have to choices: either you fight with your life, or you enjoy it with help from others. It is your choices. But I will strongly recommend you to get help. There are many opportunities around you and helping hands, that you must know how to use them for your mission. You were not born to struggle on your way to happiness. On the contrary, you must enjoy your journey. I will teach you not only how to find help, but also how to ask for it.


People for some reason do not like rules and orders. They feel restricted and limited. They do not like to obey rules. But what about if you look at rules as your helpers. In the previous webinar I taught you how to use help from others. You get help also from rules, orders, systems, etc. Do you want your life to be pleasant game? I bet you do. But do you know the rules of your game? You cannot play any game without rules. It is impossible. If there had been no rules, there would have been no soccer, ice hockey, poker, golf etc. No games. You cannot play game without rules. You could not have even driven your car if there had been no traffic rules.

If you set your rules before you start the game, everything is easier. Rules lead you towards your success and happiness. I will teach you how to set the right rules and used them to achieve happiness. With rules you do not need to think about what to do, how to do it etc. You will set these upfront and you can just concentrate on the joy from your journey. It is very hard to achieve happiness without rules. Almost impossible.